How to fix Kernel boot "error, out of memory"

I usually have my dev system and a test machine to validate my changes for developing to the Linux kernel. I also keep my config files and use them every time for my test systems. Nevertheless, I recently had to get a different test system (but very similar), and I created a new config file based on the ones that I already had; everything worked as usual, except for this error during the boot:

Huge Initramfs

I was surprised because I did not change many things. After I started to look into the problem, I realized that my initramfs had more than 200MB, which was the root cause. Next, I asked myself why my initramfs were so huge? Thanks to some folks in the kernelnewbies channel, I figured out that I have the CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO option set. I dropped this option and re-deploy my kernel, and everything worked as expected. Yet, I was intrigued because the Debian package generated during the compilation worked fine… after digging about this topic, I realized that the Debian package uses the INSTALL_MOD_STRIP option by default:

If you set this option during the modules_install operation, you will have small initramfs. I decided to use it by default inside kw to avoid problems like this for all kw users. See:

Written on May 27, 2022